Barbering 1500 Hours

The purpose of the Barbering Program is to train students in basic skills of barbering, safety procedures, good work habits, and customer service skills as well as professionalism. The goal is for the student to achieve the ability to succeed in the barbering industry, acquire license, and acquire productive employment in the barbering field.
Course Objectives:
• Promote a positive attitude, gain a sense of personal integrity, and self-confidence.
• Practice effective communication skills, proper poise and grooming.
• Perform basic skills in haircutting, shaving and skin care. 


Non US residents must submit either an alien registration card or a recognized Visa (I94), applicants must be beyond the compulsory school age, minimum of 16 years of age. A student qualifies if he/she provides one of the following:: - has a high school diploma (this can be from a foreign school if it is equivalent to a US High School diploma) ; evidence
that verification of a foreign student’s high school diploma has been performed by an outside agency that is qualified to translate documents into English and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S. high school diploma. The high school transcript must show high school completion - has the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, such as a GED
certificate, or other state sanctioned test or diploma-equivalency certificate; - provides a sealed or official transcript; - has
completed homeschooling at the secondary level as defined by state law; or - has completed secondary school education in a home school setting which qualifies for an exemption from compulsory attendance requirements under state law, if state law does not require a home-schooled student to receive a credential for their education. 



At CNK Barber College education it's much more than just getting your license. Our owner shares advanced barbering techniques, the business side, building your brand and marketing. He gives you the skills you need to be successful: a thorough grounding in technique, artistry and business, plus career resources, advice, contacts, and support.


The hot modern-day barbershop trend is exploding. More and more men are wanting a comfortable space where they can get where they can get the full barber experience of grooming, a classic taper or fade style haircut and a relaxing shave performed by a trained, professional barber. Our program gives you hands-on training in everything from precision haircutting, color and texture to skincare, shaving and grooming, plus the personal and business skills you need to build a career. 


With the support of a CNK Barber College education, you will be prepared to take your state exam and get started in your barbering career. You’ll have the practical knowledge to pursue your barbering career—and you can feel confident taking the long-standing reputation of the CNK Barber College name with you as you launch your barbering career.


Passing the Barbering State Board Examination is one of the eligibility requirements you must meet in order to obtain your barber license. 


Our programs graduate students every year. 
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